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Chloe Catherine

hi I'm Chlo...

I'm a ed warrior who's dedicated to helping other women release ed behaviors/thoughts and restore mental, physical, and soulful health. 

personally suffered with anorexia, orthorexia, exercise bulimia, and binge eating disorder for 11 years. During this time I watched my body slowly deteriorate and my health diminish. I lost my period, my hair, my capacity to think of something other than food, my friends, and my joi de vie.

After years of hiding my eating disorder via my dedication to veganism, clean eating, and working out, I reached the point where I could not take it anymore. I could not stand how awful my body felt and how obsessed my mind was with fat grams, calories, and macronutrients.  


So I started the journey of recovery, went "all-in", recovered my period, nutritionally rehabilitated and neurally re-wired my ed thoughts, all while finding my passion for life again. 

I now use my expertise by experience along with my training and schooling to help other women take charge of their life and fully recover. I become a Dynamic Eating Psychology coach, Therapeutic Nutrition Counselor, a yoga instructor and studied Public Health in University. These trainings have given me the tools to help others through their recovery journey.

You and not alone. I have gone through many of the same struggles that you may have right now and I know how daunting recovery can seem.  I promise you that although it's tough it is the best decision that you will ever make. Recovery is not only possible, it's worth it.  Don't give up!


My Credentials-

Certified Eating Psychology Coach​

Therapeutic Nutrition Counselor

Yoga Instructor RYT 200

BS Public Health Degree Emphasis Health Promotion

What Is Coaching? 

Day-To-Day Support

The relationship between coach and coachee is intimate. The purpose of coaching is to have someone there when you need it to help you move through all fears/anxieties that come up during the recovery process.  An ongoing conversation is maintained as there is 24/7 text/email support. 

Eating Together

Meal times are often filled with anxiety, questions, and lots of concerns. Sitting doom and eating a meal together not only shows you how a recovered person eats but helps you work through your anxieties in that very moment. Eating together is also a healing process that can help you understand the importance of communing with others over the dinner table.    

Diet Recovery/ Diet Culture

So many of us get caught up in diet dogma that we can’t understand what’s right for us. We will talk about how diet culture perpetuates the ed mind and promotes disordered behaviors. 

Amenorrhea Recovery

Lost your period? We will work together on not only to restore menses but how to return to training safely once your cycles normalize.

Body Confidence

Beauty is so much more than your looks. True confidence and beauty comes from within. We work together to build your sense of self-worth and confidence. This work will also help you come to the understanding that your body is a beautiful instrument for life and not an ornament to be looked at. 

Help you Reach Goals

Coaching keeps you committed to stay on track with your recovery goals! 

Support your Treatment Team

If coaching is used in conjunction with a therapist or dietician my work is to support what your treatment team has created for you. Those who are further along the recovery journey may find that coaching is all that they need is this moment to help them move forward. We will discuss where you are at and what is best for you in our first free breakthrough call.   

Coaching is NOT

Replacement for Therapy

An ed therapist has undergone intensive and specialized training to diagnose and treat eating disorders. Eating disorders are a complex physiological mental illness that have many root causes; environmental, social, biological, trauma, + abuse.


Many people suffering with an eating disorder also suffer from other psychiatric disorders like anxiety, panic, OCD, and alcohol/drug abuse.


A therapist will help you with various behavior interventions and address the underlying emotional and cognitive issues, attitudes, beliefs, and dysfunctional thought patterns that have led to the eating disorder. 


Dietetic Meal Plans

Dietitians help you determine what is the best diet for your recovery by addressing your nutritional needs. They can create meal plans that will assure you are getting the adequate amount of nutrition and calories in you diet. 

They are specialist in understanding re-feeding syndrome and can be of great help to get your body back to a medically stable state.  

Replacement for Medical Advice

A medical doctor can provide care to help stabilize those who are in critical care. Those who are further along the recovery journey may find that coaching is all that they need is this moment to help them move forward. We will discuss where you are at and what is best for you in our first free breakthrough call. 

Coaching offers a different support than therapy.  

To determine if coaching is appropriate for you sign up for a free break through session. 

 Hey Babe, 

wish I had a "big sister" during my ED Recovery-- Some one who has had many of the same thoughts, feelings,+ fears as I, Someone would would support me in what I needed to do next to achieve full recovery. 

Recovery is HARD + there are so many aspects of it that I was not prepared for which is why I now coach women through this process. If you are struggling then reach out, I'm here to help :)


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