40 Day Plant Based Reset

Vibrant body, Clear Mind, Nourished Life

 This is a call for you to step into your highest state of being

100 years ago, all food was organic. It grew in clean, mineral-rich soil and clean, mineral-rich water – no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. 

Today is a different story


Real food has been replaced by corporate-produced fast, cheap, addictive, processed food-like substances. Our food is inundated with toxic chemicals and as a result our health is failing us. 


 1 in 3 cancer

49% heart disease

1 in 3 diabetes by 2050

1 in 5 develop autoimmune

12 million have asthma

1 in 3 kids are overweight

1 in 2  kids have a chronic disease

133 million adults have chronic disease







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Your most powerful self?

Life with outrageous energy?

Reduced inflammation + pain?

No more bloat?

Balanced hormones?

Relief from unhealthy food habits?



~The best way to do this is the 40 day Ultimate Nutrition Reset~



Because the food you eat everyday is either your best medicine or your worst poison + during these 40 days you will be consuming  the best of the best organic, non GMO super foods designed to saturate your body with nutrients so that you don't just SURVIVE in this life but you THRIVE. 

Second Why?

The 40 day cleanse is designed to take glyphosate (a known carcinogen + microbiome disrupter) out of your body and repair the gut lining so that you can heal your body.


Learn more about glyphosate and how this program is the ANTIDOTE 

I believe in investing in FOOD

-- not doctors

It has been proven that an organic, plant based diet is the protocol for a healthy long life. Over the course of this journey, you will be eating, feeling and looking better than ever as you consume a plant based diet.

What You're Going to LOVE about this program

Its High QUALITY~ These products are filled with all organic, Vegan, Non GMO, Kosher, Pure Superfoods! Dehydrated in a way to preserve it's vital nutrients.

Very CONVENIENT~ This program is quick & easy to prepare; full of pure, unadulterated, delicious, organic Non GMO, superfoods delivered right to your door and prepared in under 30 seconds. 

You'll find BALANCE~ Boost your immunity, reset bio rhythms for deeper sleep, reduce inflammation, heal your gut, and balance hormones.

Increased VITALITY~ Experience increased joy and more energy in your body, mind and spirit!

You'll feel LIBERATED~ Release addictions to processed foods, sugar, caffeine, even dairy, meat, alcohol, tobacco and other habits that no longer serve you.

You'll feel LIGHT~ Boost and reset your metabolism. Burn Fat, Build Muscle. Lose 5-20lbs or more.

You'll defy AGE~ Increase mobility, reduce inflammation, rejuvenate your cells, experience tighter skin and embrace your youthfulness!

You'll build HEALTHY HABITS~The more you start eating eating cleaner and greener the more your body will crave these things. Watch how your unhealthy cravings disapear

You have the power to CHANGE your health with just $7.50 a day

Use referral code: flowwithchlo to Save over $100.00 on Your First 40 Day Program and 20% thereafter


Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Health?


"Your Health is the best INVESTMENT you could ever make"

Purium = Pure+ Premium

This is why I chose this movement and why you should too!

Ask me any questions! Lets set up a time to chat :)

You will be supported throughout your whole journey

I am here to guide you through the 40 days. You will also be placed in a supportive, fun FB group where you can ask questions, see others testimonials, share feedback and more! There is also a support call you can tune into M-F 5:30pm PST

Call: 1-712-432-7658   access code= 7873#

This is your time to SHINE + feel FREE

Nothing feels better than living in a vibrant healthy body

 Hey Babe, 

wish I had a "big sister" during my ED Recovery-- Some one who has had many of the same thoughts, feelings,+ fears as I, Someone would would support me in what I needed to do next to achieve full recovery. 

Recovery is HARD + there are so many aspects of it that I was not prepared for which is why I now coach women through this process. If you are struggling then reach out, I'm here to help :)


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