What Are You Waiting For?

Flow school

Mastering your health to IGNITE your best life

 A 10-week nutrition coaching and lifestyle program that will train you how to permanently transform the way you eat/relate to food + create sustainable shifts in your life one week at a time. 

Ready to FLOW?

Shift your Mindset~ Eat more Plants~Set Good Habits

What Can You Expect to Get Out of Flow School?​

~Healthy Gut...bye bye bloat!! 

~Increased Energy... hello life :)

~Improved Digestion...feel good after you eat

~Clear Skin...no more embarrassing pimples

~Boosted Immunity... breeze through flu season

~A Healthy Weight...naturally without deprivation

~Detox Toxins (glyphosate)... so your body can thrive

~Plant Based Nutrition Education... so you can forget dieting 

~Healthy Habits +Thoughts...for sustainable results

+ More!

In this day + age you must take RESPONSIBILITY over your health and educate yourself of the current status quo--high prevalence of chronic disease, toxic chemicals sprayed on our food supply, poor quality food void of nutrition, victim mentality, no control over habits, living in a reactionary state etc

Flow School is designed to teach you what you should have learned growing up +  empower you to make healthy decisions + master your life

This is program is on FIRE because we not only are learning good healthy habits BUT incorporated in this program is Purium's 40 day ultimate nutrition cleanse designed to detox the body from glyphosate, heal the gut lining, + saturate your cells with nourishment so that you can OPTIMIZE your health.


What You''ll Get

- Over 40 hours of video from me to educate + empower you on this journey of healthy living; Plant based nutrition education, mindset practices, empowerment + more! 


- Weekly Meditations + Worksheets to help you create lasting change in both mind + body

-40 day cleanse package with some of the highest quality superfood shakes + supplements designed to detox the body of disruptive toxins, saturate the cells with nourishment, reduce unhealthy food cravings + build healthy lean muscle.

✨You are meant to THRIVE✨


Comprehensive guide to the reasons behind your digestive upset, how to heal them, the importance of changing your thoughts & emotions to change your health and more!


68 recipes in the Ebook + 20 easy to follow cooking videos + my complete list of pantry staples to nourish your body and set you up for success!


Cause we all know that community is vital to sticking with our goals!

You'll get support from me + and everyone in the group

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Hi I'm Chlo,

the creator + guide of Flow School. 

I created this school for women who are done feeling bloated, sick + tired in their body and are ready to break the status quo of ill health, constant yo yo dieting + negative habits so that they can be the badass women that they know they are.

In a perfect world when we were young we would have been taught arithmetic, science, writing + HOW TO LIVE IN YOUR BODY.


Unfortunately we weren't so many of us end up we end up living in a body that begins to fail as we don't know how to properly feed it or how to create habits that will promote well being.  


This lack of knowledge also means that many of us are  not even aware of the amount of pesticides and toxins that are lurking in our food supply that disrupt our microbiome and promote disease in the body. We have misguided as to what is healthy and that kills my soul becuase so many people are being harmed by this corporate propaganda whose main purpose it to make money--not increase your health. 


 Thus FLOW SCHOOL was created. To teach you how to take care of your precious body.


This program will take your through a Whole Foods Plant Based diet to start giving your body what it needs. This is not a meal plan, but a lifestyle shift that will teach you how to THRIVE. You will then learn how to master a new habit each week so that by the end of the 10 weeks you will be a completely TRANSFORMED person. 

The Current Status Quo

The Need To Cleanse

Eating Clean isn't Enough-- We must also DETOX

The Schedule

2018-12-12 10.05.20 1.jpg

~Product Unvieling- understanding each product of the 40 day cleanse and the powerful effects they have on the body. These products will uplevel your health by not only putting the good stuff in but getting the bad stuff out

~Importance of Mindset

~Don't Retox

Your New Journey

Welcome + Getting Started


~Getting clear on where we are helps us get to where we want to be.

~Journaling about our relationship to food and body to find clarity

~This week will really be an eye opener so that you can change into that person you want to be!

Your Status Quo

Week 1-Awareness


~Meal Prep for  Success- how to eat healthy in less time

~Introduce the products for the cleanse. These products will allow you to go deeper then ever before into healing your body.

~Start exploring with the plethora of Plant Based Meals provided via video and recipe ebook!

Getting everything ready

Week 3- Prep For Cleanse/ Start 30 Day

2018-12-12 10.05.20 1.jpg

Bye Bye to food cravings + Bloating

Hello New Taste Buds

Hi there energy :)

~This 10 day intensive we will be upping the shakes to 3 times a day (still allowed to eat) so really heal your gut + your relationship with food. This is a junk food break that we all need!

Deep Cleanse

Week 5- Start the 10 Day Cleanse

Magazine and Coffee

~The first hour of your day sets the tone for EVERYTHING else

~When we master our morning we master our life

~We are setting that routine so that we can achieve our optimal life

~These simple strategies will get give you your morning back!

Start off with sucess

Week 7 - Master your Morning

2018-11-05 12.27.52 1.jpg

~Look how far you have come!!

~Compare this week to how you were feeling the first week in this program. Lighter? More Free? Rejuvenated? Confident?

How far you have come

Week 9- Awareness



~CONFUSED by all the nutritional confusion out there? Sick of micro managing your food, counting calories and want to feel empowered in your food choices?

~Hours of nutritional education so that you can understand what your body needs to THRIVE not just survive.

Nutrition Education

What is the Optimal Diet?

2018-12-12 10.05.20 1.jpg

~Your thoughts can sabatoge all your good intentions.What we think we become and if we are used to thinking negatively then we will continue to get more negativity in our lives. 

~Reset your mind from negativity to positivity so that you can succeed in your goals.

~Creating a vision of health + manifest your dream it into reality,

Journaling/ Meditation

Week 2- Detox Your Thoughts

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 1.55.32 PM.png

~It's not just WHAT you eat that matters but HOW

~Learn the timeless eating principles  that will help you master your digestion EVERY TIME

~With these key principles bloating, digestive upset, acid reflux and other symptoms lesson or go away all together.

~Mindful Eating Meditations, optimal digestion checklist + more!

Eating Principles

Week 4- Master your Digestion

Wooden Furnitures

~Setting your night up for success so that you sleep the whole night through 

~Wake up feeling energized from your deep sleep

~Nightly Meditations to promote healing

~Sleep is more importnat than diet + exercise COMBINED! poor sleep is linked to; obesity, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, poor cognitive function, hormonal imbalances +more.

~You can eat all the healthy food in the world but if your not sleeping then you may still feel stuck.

Sleep Routine

Week 6- Master Your Sleep  


~How to ditch the ones you hate and start the ones you love

~Our lives our ruled by our habits--> Arm yourself with the know how of creating habits that you love. 

Making good habits stick

Week 8- Master your Habits

2018-11-25 03.23.45 1.jpg

~Now that your healthy what is it that you want to do here on this earth?

~What do you want to experience/ create?

~This week we are focusing on who you want to be on this earth and what journey you want to have.

What to do with all your energy

 Week 10- Create Your Dream Life

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You got Questions, I got Answers?

Is this a quick fix diet?


This school is here to educate you on the power of eating more plants and the truth behind what really in your food supply. This is not a "diet" but a transformational lifestyle shift from eating processed food and animal products to choosing foods that promote health and wellness in the body. 

Plant based eating is all about abundance and not about calories counting or macro tracking-- things that most diets promote.

Eating this way will help you become a more intuitive eater so that you can feel free around food and not have to micro manage every things that you put in your body. 

Can I eat during this cleanse or will I STARVE!!?


Yes you can eat!! During the 10 day cleanse you are to eat super simple foods (one ingredient-- "flex foods"). Think cucumber with mashed avocado, apples, oranges, steamed broccoli, blueberries etc.You will get super full on the shake that you drink 3 x a day :)

The rest of the 30 days you can eat healthy plant-based oil free meals. Quinoa bowls, large salads, tacos, wraps... any of the recipes provided in the ebook!

And from there because we are making transformational shifts the hope is you continue to fuel your body with plans after the 40 days of the cleanse is over. 

Will I loose weight?


This program is designed to GAIN HEALTH-- as a result yes you may loose weight. Everyones experience is different of course but yes this program can give you amazing results! Many people loose 10-20 lbs during the 10 day transformation. 

If you are not looking to loose weight don't worry, the vegan amino acids will help you build muscle. You are allowed to eat more flex foods during the cleanse to keep your calories up! 

Is this difficult to do, I don't have time for this?


This program will SIMPLIFY your life + give you more energy so that you are more productive during your day! If you don't like cooking or are too overwhelmed by switching your diet this is why this program will be great for you.


All you have to do is scoop your superfoods into some water + shake :)

I have skin issues, will this help heal my acne/ eczema?


It is amazing what heals when we heal the gut. Your gut is the root of most ( if not all) disease. When our gut is struggling we will react in many different ways; weight gain, psoriasis, acne, arthritis, migraines etc. 


Bio medic will help heal your gut lining thus increasing nutrient absorption + reducing inflammation. Once the gut starts to heal your skin will finally be able to clear up! 

I am constantly bloated/gassy, will this help!


Yes, Yes + Yes!!! This will help repair your gut lining and help your body digest normally. 

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