Villa #3


Yoga & Conscious Awakening Retreat

June 25-30 2019

2 Teachers- 3 homes- Infinite Possibilites 

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A Vacation is nice... But a Yoga Retreat is Transformational

What is a Flow Retreat?

- Mindful Eating to transform you relationship to food

-Plant-Based Cuisine to nourish your body

- Daily Yoga to connect and deepen

- Meditation & journaling to create the life you desire

-Moon Circle/ Night Ceremonies to nourish your soul & connect to community

The Venue

 Hey Babe, 

It sucks to be at war with your body and food. If you want to transform your life and get unstuck from negative habitual patterns, lack of energy, obsessive thoughts and weight gain then its time for you to  find your healthy flow. 


We are talking about tapping into your femininity, understanding your emotions, creating sweetness in your life, moving your body in ways that you love and eating in a way that nourishes your body, heart and soul!

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