The Missing Ingredient in Your Health Routine

April 7, 2018


Vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, fats  eat all of these and you"ll be the epitome of healthy, 






 The scientific literature has us focused on these micro and macro nutrients as the foundation of good health for quite some time. They say eat this or eat that and you will achieve the health you desire,  as if we were just a mechanical machine that just needs calories to come in and out.  


Now while I agree that nutrition is SUPER important, this model of health is missing something HUGE that is maybe even MORE important than what's on your plate and that's




Let's get real here, you could be eating the most pure clean, raw, vegan, non-GMO diet out there but if you are super stressed, have a lot of food fear,  obsess over negative thoughts, feel guilty, and hold onto anger easily then I don't care what your eating, your not going to achieve optimal health.


See health is a lot more than micro and macro nutrients. It's about who we are as a person, our stresses, the emotional connections and relationships we have, the amount of autonomy given to us at our jobs, our self-efficacy/confidence levels, and the environment around us at large. Needless to say, we are complex emotional/ spiritual beings that are affected by frequencies, vibrations, thoughts and feelings. In order to be healthy we cannot overlook these crucial things that link to our well-being! 

We have been told that it’s our DNA that determines who we are, how we look and what diseases, addictions and disorders we will get. This  supposition of ideas has ingrained many of us with fear and a feeling of victimization from our heredity. “Grandma had breast cancer so I’m gonna get breast cancer too”. This leads to us becoming irresponsible of our healthy believing that there is nothing we can do to change our destiny.


But, what if I told you this wasn't so.... that you are not victim of your genes but YOU my friend are the




How empowering and bad ass is that!?


Sounds too get to be true right? Let's see what the science says behind this by getting to know our friend Bruce Lipton who received his  Phd. at the University of Virginia and went on to be a stem cell biologist, bestselling author, researcher at Stanford university and had tenure at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine.He went on to be the founder or epigenetics; the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.


Quiet the guy yes.


But his research is changing the way that we view health and how we combat illness. See for Bruce Lipton he believes that a genes are like a  blueprint which  has no ability to turn itself on or off as it's just simply an outline. What turns this blueprint into reality though is the contractor who says this is what we are going to build. The contractor has the final say and dictates exactly where everything is going and when. The contractor is the boss and all the workers listen to what they say.


So who is the contractor here in this analogy. You got it, its




Every thought, feeling and emotions creates a molecule in your body called a neuropeptide. These neuropeptides travel throughout your body until they attach to a cell or neuron affecting its function. Simply put your brain takes in information and frequencies to then convert it to chemicals that lets your body know what it should be doing and how it should feel. Your mind is the one controlling what the body ends up doing by the information it sends the body.


It is known in medicine that manetal states affect our phisical state. Think back to a time that you thought you saw a shadow behind you walking home late at night and you get scared. Your body reacts by elevating cortizol levels, sending blood into your limbs to run, and turning on your sympathetic nervous system. It did all of this simply by the thought you had of "someone is behind me". 


If you need another example think about the placebo effect and how people can be given a sugar pill but because they THINK that they are taking a medicine that will work, it does and they get better. 


Now imagine if you received a prescription for pills that your doctor said will cause some negative condition but in reality it is jsut a sugar pill.  You take that pull every single day for months, grudgingly swallowing it knowing it will get  this condition that you don't want.


What do you think is going to happen?


 I bet you you will eventually get that disease just by thinking that you are taking something that will give you this condition. I think this because it has been proven in studies over and over again.


The most shocking one that I heard is a study where they told patients that they were going to go through chemo-therapy where all of their hair will fall out. They would come in to get their treatments weekly but what they didn't know was that they were actually not receiving chemo-therapy at all. The results were shocking though, the patients began to loose their hair!! The treatment received was harmless and yet  because they had in their mind that they were going to loose their hair they did. 



So now imagine whats happening when you have the same consistent thoughts of  "I'm a binge eater” or “I'm lazy” . What you are doing is  reinforcing those things to your body and telling it to do and be just that.

But if instead you say, “ I eat till I am satisfied” , “I nourish my body” , "I am active” , then you will become those things!!

Put what you want in your vortex, change you genetic code by choosing what outline your going to use to build up your body.


Now think, What is your mind saying?


What are your thoughts creating?


The Buddha put it perfectly and  back then they didn't even have the science to back this up but today we are finally scientifically proving what he said years ago.


“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create”.- Buddha


Simply changing the way you think and taking charge of what occupies your mind can improve and enhance your physical health and overall well-being. Changing how we think and how we talk is the first and dare I say most important step to being a healthy person.Finding a way to connect with your body and calm your mind is essential to take active control over what happens to your body.


Instead of focusing and over analyzing your macros and doing this or that diet or exercise routine, it might be of your best interest to sit down a focus on your mind FIRST before you make any other change. Work on changing your thoughts daily, becoming more positive and spend time visualizing the healthy body you want.


Then be a BAD ASS and create just that.


I know that you will have better long lasting results if you can get your mind on board first. 


Remember this is EMPOWERING information and I hope you start realizing just how important it is to step out of this victimization role and take control over what happens to your body.


Take care of  yourself not just nutritiously but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


*If you are interested in knowing more about epigenetics and what that really means, I highly recommend buying Bruce Liptons book, "Biology of Belief" along with Candace Pert "Molecules of emotion" and Deepak Chopra "quantum healing"



Love Love,




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