Calorie Counting is Not Sexy

April 10, 2018


For many of us we have let 3 or 4 little numbers behind our food packaging rule our life.


We are constantly adding, subtracting and multiplying these arbitrary numbers in our head to reach a certain goal given to us from an “authoritative” person who had never met us before. Calories are arbitrary because know one can actually know how many calories your body needs everyday because 


1) You have never met them

2) They have no idea of the state of your health

3) Your caloric activity and efficiency changes everyday, week and year

 4) Its no where even close to the same as others around you


So that number they give can not be right for both you and your next door neighbor Jim. Jim has a different life then you. Different feelings, emotions, stresses, gut health, sleep patterns and exercise regimes which means his body  is burning a very different amount of calories each day compared to you.


Despite this I see so many people walking around like little calculators on feet analyzing each meal not for its nutrients but for its caloric values. 300 grams from fat, 200 from sugar,7 grams of protein. Nourishing our bodies has become a numbers game. Get as many as possible in and get out as much as possible and you’ll be healthy and well. Depending on where your numbers are at by the end of the day determines if you are good or bad. When we are bad we feel guilty and usually end up eating more to compensate and when we are good we don't feel fulfilled or nourished. A vicious cycle is created over this buzzword.


We obsess day and night over this term but do any of us actually know what it means?


If you went around and ask people this question many people will  have no idea but yet when you just mention the world you’ll see them  cringe, contract and maybe even wince at the very thought of the word. We cringe because to us it's such an un-sexy thing that we all do. For us women it gets us in this masculine scientific mode of thinking where we trade in intuition for someone else's word. We have become stuck in our thoughts, pre-occupied, unhappy and stressed out. We feel stuck and unfeminine as we are resistant to find our own flow. This resistance comes from fear. Fear that has been fed to us by our scientific community as our bodies own wisdom is something to not be listened too, something out of control and against us.


Today I want to bring some clarity on what a calorie is so that we can let go of this battle once and for all.


Sound good, let's get going here by getting clear on the definition of this word.


A calorie simply means the measure of heat released when you burn something. That's it. So when you eat a calorie what it it means is your body has to work this hard  to break down this certain thing.


The scientific literature assumes that we are all predictable constant input and output machines. If we eat this much and use this much then we will weigh this much.


News flash to you, your not a machine. You are a human with emotions, thoughts, feelings, stresses and more. Our bodies work differently at different times of the day, our hormonal cycles, your current digestive state, the amount of sleep you have had and more.


This is something that the science does not take into account. It also does not take into account something so so so important and that the fact that your body doesn't just need  calories but NUTRIENTS!! You can't just eat to calm that feeling of hunger, stuffing your body with little to no nutrients so that your stomach stops growling. When your stomach is hungry its saying “we need more vitamins and minerals!!


But we have become a society that is focused on looks, not health. As long as you're staying at a healthy weight then we don't really care what your eating. But your weight is no dictation of your health. You can be stick skinny but have clogged arteries, bad circulation, diabetes, chronic conditions.


It's time we start focusing on not HOW much we are eating but WHATwe are eating.


We don't trust our bodies because we get these cravings and we overeat and gain weight and then we think that it's because we went over our calories which in reality what we did was eat not nutrients and so our body was crying for more more more!!! So that's what we do! And then down the rabbit hole we go, finding this awful cycle of restriction and binging, restriction and binging. This puts our body in the stress state which means that your calorie burning weight decreases even more, leading to more weight gain. This is why you hear some people say “ i don't even need to eat the cake, just by looking at it i gain weight” yup that's because they have so much stress around it that their body actually does start to store weight, no matter if you over eat or not.


One way to increase your body's ability to burn calories is to RELAX. Breathe, calm down, relax into the nourishing process of feeding your body. Relax into trust. When you are eating real food, your body knows what to do, there is no fear there.

I know because been there done that. I was fed up with not living my life because these numbers were occupying my mind. I was fed up with fearing my body and what it wanted. I was fed up with having food be a source of anxiety and it wasn't until I ditched the calories and focused on filling my body up with as much fresh food filled with nutrients and listening to when I was hungry compared to  when I was full that I was able to get unstuck from the whirlings of my mind, focus on living, releasing fear and trusting my body because I now understood that what matters is that I feed my body the RIGHT foods, not some RIGHT number. When I eat the right food my body will become the right weight. whether that is weight gain or weight loss, your body will come to homeostasis where your body is healthiest. 


 The girl on the right was stuck in her head, stuck in her body and stuck in a world of numbers. She was lonely, had no friends, and not confident in her body or in who she was. she was lost because she stopped listening to herself and listening to what the world at large was saying around her. Lower your calories, don't eat avocados...too much fat! Eat low cal this, low cal that, stop your appetite, fight that hunger, eat cardboard,  stop breathing!!!!....


Stop living really is what it means.


Contrast this to the girl on the right. She doesn't fear food or count calories because she has  started eating real food tapped into her body and listened to what her body needed, every second of everyday. she is fierce, strong, vivacious and full of energy. she loves her body and has time to connect with others and do what she loves. food has become a second thought, something there when she needs it and gone when shes done. 



You body, yes your body, knows how much food it needs, not some doctor or scientist, but YOU!


Don't fear calories, fear anti nutrients that are found in most of the foods that have calorie labels!!


You don't have to restrict when your eating a plant based diet. No overthinking, or second guessing. You can finally let go and not fear your body. And while you do so you not only feed your body the nutrients it needs to sustain life but you increase your metabolic power meaning you can eat more because you are burning more.


This my friends is the magic of being an intuitive, sexy women who understand her body and feeds it right. Its powerful, its liberating, it's FLOW.





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