This Is What I Experienced at a Sound Bath

May 5, 2018


Sitting and meditating can seem like a bore compared to a sound bath where up to 40 or so tibetan bowls are resonating vibrations around the room, through your body and back again all while you fall into a deep meditative trance.

Sounds magical no?

There's reason why so many people are jumping on board the sound bath train as it offers an experience so rich that it's hard to not become obsessed with its ability to take you on a rejuvenating journey into the soul.

The best part about a sound bath is that you really don't have to do anything to have a great experience and get the benefits, heck you can even be asleep the whole time and it's still doing your body good!! Unlike yoga and even a traditional meditative  practice that asks you to control your mind while being present and mindful of each moment. You have to work hard at times to find a calm stillness but a sound bath is the opposite as it allows you to let go of your mind, not control it.


Let's be honest here, I love yoga and it has done so much good for my life but there are days that my yoga practice quite frankly can suck; I can't get into it, I’m over thinking, I’m tense and it just ain't doing anything for me. This is because I have so much control over my body, what it does and what it feels that I can get in the way of my body trying to relax and do its thing, but the one thing that I can't turn off, or I should say haven't learned to turn off, is my ears. This is why sound baths are brilliant.  No matter who you are, what you bring to the mat that day, you will be affected by the vibrations and frequencies that the bowls produce and it will put you in a different state. Don't believe me? Just think about how much music that you listen to on your phone can change your mood. One minute you're rocking out to “September” by Earth Wind and Fire feeling as though your on top of the world and the next minute your slow and moody as Jason Mraz sings “I Won’t Give Up”.


Sound baths use your sense of hearing and feeling to get you out of your head and into your body. As you lay in a comfortable position the practitioner begins playing the various bowls creating a wave of energy that gets pushed around the room and through your body. In essence a sound bath is an immersion of sound frequency that help cleanse and clear out the body.

Each bowl opens up a different chakra or energy meridian system in the body depending on the frequency. For example an F note resonates with and opens the heart and a C note is used to open up the lower chakras. Researchers have found that sound waves affect our nervous system and playing calm grounding waves will put you into the parasympathetic nervous system  which relaxes and restores our body allowing time to heal. Some studies even show that it can decrease blood pressure, reduce anxiety levels and enhance your mood, cool that science can prove now that vibrations are not a “voodoo” thing but something very real.


Most soundbaths are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours and the results are varied each time. I have had times where the second the bowels start to play I’'m out as I begin to dance around in another world letting my dreams take over or there are time where I am awake as emotions and memories come up to the surface to be healed or brought to the awareness so that I can work on them. No matter the experience I have during the bath I always get up feeling restored and changed. The energy produced by these bowls are powerful and have the ability to change how your whole body feels, leaving each muscle, cell and tendon relaxed.


If you have a racing mind, or just want to experience something new then a sound bath might just be your new best friend.


Tryit, see if it resonates with your, quite literally in this case. You never know what might just be your new respite for your crazy crazy busy life.


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