How To Be Sexy

May 22, 2018

We live in a time where women are told that being sexy comes from looking a certain way; big boobs, small waist, thigh gap, toned arms.


To become sexy we must count our calories, perfect our macros, do the latest HIT workout and take certain supplements. To become sexy we must change who we are...especially the way we look. 


 Many of us aim to do just this, but then when we arrive at that “perfect body” we are not any more sexy then when we started and in many cases we feel we have even lost some of our sex appeal. This can be quite bothersome for many of us, but here's the thing its not your fault. You have been led down the wrong path when it comes to being sexy. 


Large corporations and industries share this message that your body makes you sexy. You see slim women in crop tops selling diet soda, low-cal yogurt, fat free desserts and microwavable meals. All these advertisements are bombarding you with this message that all you need to do is eat a low amount of calories to look a certain way. Unfortunately this has led to a large rise in eating disorders.


The paradox about these advertisements is that the food they are promoting is so unhealthy and actually adds to the toxic load in your body which promotes weight gain, poor digestion and slow metabolism; the opposite of what your trying to achieve.


So we eat these foods, gain weight and stress ourselves out over counting calories and burning off what we eat at the gym. Months later we can find ourselves mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day to the point where we don't have enough energy to have let alone think about sex.


So here's the deal. There is a false promise that once you hit your body goals you will be loved, adored, and wanted by all those around you which will bring a lot of suffering and pain. By putting yourself in this mindset though you are making yourself less sexy as disordered eating, body dysmorphia, rigidity, tension, and guilt can build up in our bodies. I made this mistake years ago as I ran after the "ideal" body to only have get six pack abs and absolutely hate my body and life. I was stressed, over-worked, exhausted, had awful digestion, coarse dull  hair and sunken eyes. I did not feel sexy. 


In fact if  you asked me today what you could do to be "unsexy" I would tell you to chronically diet, restrict your calories, binge, be in a state of constant hunger and become obsessed with food and weight.... yup that should just about do it.


We all want to be sexy and fit and while yes having a body that is strong and healthy definitely plays a role in boosting our moral it's important to make the distinction that


Your body shape does not make you sexy....

Being confident and happy in your body makes you sexy.

Feeling healthy (mind, body and emotions) is sexy. 


If your feeling unsexy dont wait for your body to change or food to solve the answer

Be sexy now.


Sexy is a feeling, an energy, not a physical state. 


Get loving yourself the way you are right now.Walk tall and proud, smile wide, dress well, take care of yourself and stop buying into the nonsense that you need to be a size 2 to be sexy.



My brothers once told me that they don't look at what girls are wearing, the shade of lipstick they wear or whether their hair is straightened perfectly or not, but they look into their eyes, searching for the light of life that can be found in a person who is genuinely happy.


So be honest with yourself and see if you have been manipulated into believing the lies we are told on television and the media. Do you have unattainable goals for yourself that you want to achieve just for the sake of looking how those around you want to look? Is this really gonna be what makes you a more sexy human being?


Being attractive is an inside job.


So instead of hyper focusing on food and exercise in your life maybe its time to start focusing on things that give you more energy. When focused on this you will end up eating the right foods in the right amount, move your body in healthy ways and ultimately be  be less stressed which will put you into the state of calorie burning. 


You will in essence become more sexy. 


That's it for today's little rant, I hope you find some juicy things in life right now, just as they are.


Love love




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