My Experience with Cupping

June 1, 2018

Please know that if you have chronic or even acute back pain YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


With all the exercise I do and all the accidents I have been in ,and consequently bones I have broken, my back is ALWAYS a hot mess. So apart of my monthly self-care routine is splurging on a really nice massage to work out all of the tension in my neck and upper back. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for all these massages as it not only helps my back but it resets and rejuvenates me mentally as well. 


I experienced something new at my massage the other day though, something that really helped me and I think could really help you too!


It's called cupping which is a Chinese treatment that has been around for the past 3000 years which aids the body in healing. Small glass, bamboo jars or silicone cups are used to literally suction cup the skin to break up stagnation and congestion by allowing the muscles and the fascia to release and break up to allow energy to flow. It also is a great way to bring the body back into balance and find health. The results as first might look pretty gnarly as the cupping can leave you with a polka dotted back but this is of no worries as it will go away after a week or two.


Why on earth would anyone want to look like this for a week? Well I'll tell you why I did it and why I think it's worth it. 




1)  It felt amazing on my muscles- I got cupping done as part of my massage (gliding cupping), as mentioned above, which is where the masseuse uses silicone cups to create a soft tissue release. The negative pressure inside the cup lifts and begins to separate the tissue, which helps your body heal and detoxify and feels like sweet relief if you have back pain. It felt like my muscles were lifted off of my spine giving me relief and when the cups got taken off my muscles it felt like all my muscles got put back in the proper place.  


2) Stimulates the flow of chi (energy)- by breaking up all the build up in your body things will be able to flow easier. Where's there's stagnation in the body there is pain. Open up the flow again and the pain will subside.


3) Releases toxins- cupping can affect tissues up to 4 inches deep. Tissues hold a lot of toxins and which can create a lot of blockages that are nicely released by the negative pressure created by the cups  that pulls everything up and out.It also helps increase circulation, improve lymphatic flow, release scar tissue adhesions, relaxes muscles, and release trigger points! Toxins in the body=disease so you want to make sure you are getting all those toxins out daily!





I feel like I just blew my nose really hard and got a lot of gunk out... but on my back. If that makes sense haha? Basically I feel like a lot of S*** and things got removed last night and I feel light and energized. With the gliding cupping he said that the parts that turn out the reddest are the places that need the most detoxification and massage work done. I always thought that my upper left shoulder needed to be worked but the cupping informed me that the pain was actually coming from the left side of my shoulder blade, a place that once the masseuse started massaging I could definelty tell that that was the root cause of my pain, a place that I had never really had massaged before as I always wanted people to spend time on my neck and upper shoulder area. 


My dad as had cupping done quite a bit as he is a chimney sweep and is always breathing in sooty air which creates a lot of congestion in his lungs. He loves as it pulls out all the congestion, build up and toxic materials out of his lungs to help him breathe easier and keep his lungs healthy.


If you have a cold I would highly recommend this as it would feel amazing for a bad cough and can greatly diminish the symptoms and get you back on your feet in no time!! 


So, have you tried cupping? Are you interested in it? 


Let me know if you have any questions about how to find a place that does it, which type you should get done ( blog post to follow on the 3 types) and if it would benefit you!


Let's get the conversation started in the comments down below :)


Love love



 Therapeutic Nutritionist

Certified Eating psychologist Coach

Yoga Instructor 

BPH Public Health- emphasis health promotion

doTERRA Wellness Advocate- essential oils


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