Detox without Green Juice, is it Possible?

June 10, 2018

When I was going through my therapeutic nutrition certification there was a lot of talk about detoxification and how important it is for the body. Besides the typical things like “drink enough water” and “ exercise everyday” there we a couple uncommon ways to detox that I had never heard of before. These detox practices intrigued me and so today I share one of them that I fell in love with!



DRY BRUSHING, a wonderful self care practice that has so many good benefits! Before I tell you what dry brushing is and what it’s good for let me tell you that since I found out about this, I have made dry brushing a part of my weekly routine, daily even if its a good week!!


So what's with my love for dry brushing?


Let's start with the basics shall we,


What is dry brushing?


Dry brushing is a full body gently exfoliation that is done with a special brush, made out of natural bristles, that you in essence brush your bod with. Starting at the feet you work your way up always brushing toward your heart and into the four lymphatic drains found under your armpits and at your hips. This brushing is to be done gently yet firmly to brush off all your dead skin cells and start the detoxification practice. Now while that may not sound too sexy the benefits of during dry brushing definitely will blow your mind!




#1- Helps your Lymphatic System Out- this is a system that we don’t talk about much but it's super important as the lymphatic system is what gets rid of all the toxins that build up in our bodies. When our lymphatic system is blocked  we accumulate harmful toxins that can lead to illness and disease; a huge risk factor here is becoming at risk for breast cancer as there are a plethora of lymph nodes found underneath the armpits in the breast area that if not moved will cause build up to occur and cells to start growing uncontrollably. 


#2- Reduces Cellulite- by loosening up the fat deposits that lie beneath the skin and spreading them out evenly the appearance of cellulite can decrease. It will tighten and firm up those trouble areas for you.


#3- Your Skin will be Soft like a Babies Bum- underneath those dead skin cells lies a brand new layer of skin that is soft and supple. If you dry brush consistently you will find yourself caressing your arm at random times in the day like the grocery store line cause you'll be that obsessed with how nice your skin feels!


#4- Improved digestion and Kidney Function- dry brushing will massage those lymph nodes around your organs which will allow the body to let go of excess water and toxins thus cleansing your organs and helping them work properly. By brushing your abdomen in clockwise circles you are gently stimulating your bowels to move resulting in elimination which is great cause constipation sucks.


#5- Relaxes the Mind- doing things like dry brushing really brings you back into the present moment and brings your attention to your body. I find it oddly calming and stress reducing especially when I follow it up with abhyanga (an ayruvedic hot sesame oil massage). While dry brushing you don't skip over any body parts (except for face and genitals) so it really is a whole body awareness; how's everything going? Does everything look and feel okay?

I love to thank my body for how hard it works as I brush over every part. To make this experience even better I will  play some soft music and put on some candles to really set the mood cause there's nothing more satisfying to me then me time.


#6- Replaces Exercising- now hold on for a sec I'm not saying you can never exercise and just dry brush everyday but dry brushing does seem like a promising alternative for those days where moving your body is just not gonna happen. It can help alleviate the symptoms of sitting down as it increases circulation and gets your blood pumping.

*Side Note- Dry brushing feels SO good after being on an airplane for hours!





Making this a part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth and showering is a fantastic idea! Not only will you receive so many physical benefits, reduce your risk of breast cancer, detoxify your body, and aid in digestion but you will also see some mental benefits of feeling calm yet invigorated.



You want to dry brush right before you are going to take a shower as you want to wash off a;l those dead skin cells you just brought up to the surface. You can either choose to do a self massage with oil or if time does not allow then go ahead and hop right into your shower.  A hot and cold shower where you go 20 seconds as hot as you can and 20 seconds as cold as you can 5 or 6 times is a double whammy perfect routine for boosting your metabolism, flushing out toxins and feeling ALIVE!


So you may be a gal who plugs her nose when she drinks green juice, would rather sleep in then go to the gym, and passes out after 3 minutes in the sauna, but you still want to be healthy and give your body some good detoxification which is why dry brushing would be perfect for you. 


I recommend buying a dry brush on Amazon,

they have really good ones for good prices.

Here is my favorite brand I have tried. 



Love Love,


 Therapeutic Nutrition Coucnelor

Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Yoga Instructor

BPH Public Health- emphases health promotion



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