Vegan Cheesecake!!!

August 10, 2018

 Without fail if anyone ask me what my favorite dessert is I say "raw vegan cheesecake". There's just something about the sweet crunchy date crust mixed with the creamy sweet filling that takes me to another world! My absolute favorite part about this dessert though is that it uses such good ingredients and is so healthy for you that I can eat it guilt free for breakfast :) But you would never guess its healthy cause its soooo damn good!!


So here ya go my friends, have fun with this recipe, feel free to change it up, try different flavors and all until you come out with the perfect treat for you!! 


The Ingredients:

 The Crust

- Dates

- Pecans, Almond or Walnuts

- Unsweetened Coconut Shavings


The Filling

- 1 1/2 cups Soaked Cashews

- Bowl of Strawberries

- 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp Full Fat Coconut Milk

- 1/2 cup Honey

- 1/2 an Orange or 1 whole Lemon 

- A Couple Basil Leaves (optional)

- Teaspoon Vanilla (optional)


Making the Crust

Take the dates, nuts, and coconut shavings and mix together in a blender or food processor. I like to keep my nuts a little chunky so I don't blend it all the way. While you are blending you may need to add a tad bit of water... like a tad bit... to get everything to blend well, just go slowly and don't add too much otherwise it will be watery!!!

Once everything is nice and blended together then take your crust and press it into your pie pan or muffin tin. I used a pan that I could pop the sides off and so I just oiled the bottom with coconut oil and called it a day. If you don't have a pan like this and or are wanting to put these in a muffin tin to make mini-servings then place plastic wrap over the muffin tins and press the paste into the pan with the plastic protecting it from the bottom.  Evenly press the date crust about 1/4 in thick all over the bottom of the pan.


The Filling!

Next take your ingredients for the filling and start blending in that blender. The consistency should be thick and creamy like so...

 After it's blended well then take this mixture and pour it over the date crust till it reaches the brim. 

Next step is to place it in the freezer for about 4-6 hours or until hard. I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes out on the counter before I eat it so its the perfect texture of cold and hard yet creamy and soft! I put some edible flowers on it to make  it look way fancier then it is :)


  Enjoy my loves :)











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