Is Your Lack of Sleep Really Affecting Your Health? Let's Find Out

September 23, 2018

Obesity, brain fog, low energy, infertility, diabetes, heart disease, and crankiness, what do all these things have in common? Lack of sleep.


Our body needs to be detoxifying, repairing and re-building at night and it can't do that if we are still up and about into the wee hours of the night. Studies have shown that without this vital thing called sleep we can run into issues of weight gain, obesity, digestive disorders, increased risk of heart disease and stroke, unstable moods, and of course fatigue. 


Getting enough z's in is vital, dare I say even #1, on your journey to health. Master sleep and you will master all. 


With how powerful and necessary sleep is, it is amazing at how bad we are at getting enough of it. With the invention of electricity, specifically all the “i” things we own, it has become easier and easier to stay up way too late. Whether we are working on emails or watching Seinfeld reruns, it’s easy to put sleep aside.


Many of us get used to our chronic lack of sleep and forget how good they feel when they are getting enough sleep. Some of us know they feel bad but haven't made it a priority to hit the hay early.

Hence the 3 day sleep challenge was created. As Tony Horton from P90X always says “you can do anything for 30 seconds”, I’d like to day, “you can do anything for 3 days”, and who knows maybe after those 3 days you will continue this challenge because you start to feel so damn good.


So here are the rules of the 3 day Deepen Your Sleep Flow challenge.

  1. No caffeine after 12 pm. caffeine will keep you up and make you feel wired at the end of the night.

  2. No technology an hr before bed. Put your phone on airplane mode and turn off the TV, computer and tablet. I say put your phone on airplane mode and not off for 2ereasons. #1 -Many of us need our phones for our alarms in the morning. #2- I like to put on soft classical music during this hour before bed. This helps me calm down and get me in the right energy. #3- You will need to listen to the guided meditation I have provided with this challenge. 

  3. Take our a journal or a paper and pen and write down your to-do list for the next day. This way those things are able to leave your mind so that you don’t ruminate over them all night. Then write down 3 things that are going well in your life or that you are grateful for.

  4. Drink a nice warm tea of your choice (uncaffeinated!)

  5. Listen to this 10 minute meditation, (on your phone but don’t open up email or social media while you are here!) to prepare you for a restful night as you lie in bed.

That’s it. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.


I hope that calming down an hour before bed will help you sleep better. As with everything the more you do this, the more effective it will be!


Comment down below how you feel after 3 days of making sleep a priority. 



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