Food Baby, Be Gone!

September 23, 2018


Ever been asked if your bump is a boy or girl?

This can be one of the worst things that can ever happen to your self esteem but let’s admit it ladies we all have been 5 months pregnant before...

Bloating, food baby, water weight, whatever you want to call it, it's uncomfortable and downright annoying. One day you feel confident and sexy in your yoga pants and the next you just wanna hide under a barrel of clothing.


So here's the question I get asked by so many women, “ how do I beat the bloat?”


Answer; It's different for everyone, but here are some of the most common culprits


1) You Don't Chew Your Food!

I used to work at a health food store in the vitamin department and people would always come in and tell me that they were constantly bloated, gassy and have to unbuckle their pants after they eat. They always wanted to know what the best supplement was that they could take, so I reluctantly would take them over to the digestion section and would proceed to show them the array of vitamins we had. I would ask them if it was okay if I asked a couple questions first regarding their bloating and most said sure.


So I would ask, “ are you a slow, medium or fast eater?”. 10 times outta 10 I got, “Fast, very very fast”.


I would tell them, well no matter what pill I give you, until you learn to slow down with food, your bloating will persist.

If you don't chew your food properly, large particles will make its way into the digestive system causing irritation and bloating. Chew your food well, like really well, so that by the time it hits the stomach its in a pre-digested state and your bloating will subside. 


This seems so simple but don't be fooled. This trick is so powerful in terms of effectively reducing the bloat. 


So ask yourself, “ am I a fast, medium or slow eater? See the difference in your digestion when you take your time.


2) You Eat Under Stress


When we eat under stress we put our body in the physiological stress response. When we are in this response blood flow to our organs decrease, and digestion gets put on a hold. Eating under stress is  practically begging for bloating to happen.


So, try eating in a calm state. You can do this by first finding your breath, grounding down before you put food in your mouth, and making sure you are not highly emotional. If available put on candles, some soft music or maybe sit outside in the sun, you not only will digest better byt I want you to notice how much easier food gets digested when you eat in a relaxed state. 


3) You Have Stuck Emotions


When we feel stuck in our life, it's easy for food to get stuck as well. Emotions are meant to move in and through our body, not fester and whirl around our bodies causing havoc. I have found that every time I feel like I'm unable to move forward with something, or I have not properly digested an emotion, I become bloated, no matter what I eat. When our feelings don't get the attention they deserve they will cause stress in the body and lead to bloating. 


Find healthy ways to move through your emotions like journaling, walking, talking to friends, and deep breathing. Give your body the chance to move through emotions instead of supressing them. The more you allow these emotions to flow through you the more you will find your bloating will subside. 


4) You Have  Food Sensitivites

Lastly, if you ate in a relaxed state, chewed your food well and have no strong emotions bothering you then try looking at the things you are eating. Is it the milk you have with your cereal, the sweet potatoes fries with fry sauce for lunch, the bread your eating, or the onions on your pizza? Take an inventory of what foods are bothering your system right, take those foods out, and see how you feel.

* note that you can have a food sensitivity to a healthy food. For some people bananas can make them really bloated and  broccoli can make them gassy. It doesn't mean that these foods are bad, it just means that your gut micro-biome at this time can not properly digest these foods and so you should give your body a break from digesting these things until you can eat them with ease. 


When that ever so dreaded day does come through when you do get bloated, try and stay calm! Stressing about it will only make it worse. Remind yourself that your stomach lining renews itself every three days and that before you know it your digestion will be back to normal. Drink sips of warm water throughout the day and make sure to get some light movement to help things move around. For my veggie lovers out there, I love ya and that's awesome, but if your bloated keep those veggies, especially the cruciferous veggies like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower to a minimum. Fiber will only exasperate your condition even more. Stick to things like white rice, applesauce, bananas, fennel, pineapple and easy to digest foods. *I think its common sense here but don't eat beans....that ain’t gonna be doing you or anyone else any good.


Let me know in the comments below what you think the culprit for your bloating is and if any of these tips helped!

Love love,



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