My Make Up Bag is Eco-Friendly? Is Yours?

September 24, 2018


 The Cosmetic Industry in the US alone contributes to over 25 million tons of waste a year!


I was shocked when I read this statistic on my dear friend Kiki G's site. Kiki is a bad ass entrepreneur and professional make up artist who just launched her first product; this eco-friendly, sustainable, travel friendly, ass-kicking, vegan, dare I say life-changing make-up palette. Her mission- to disrupt the cosmetic industry and make it a sustainable, conscious industry. 


Where does all the waste in this industry come from?


You know when you buy your make up theres a box  inside a box, inside a box, until you reach your finally reach your bronzer, eye-shadow or blush... well that generates a ton of waste. All we really need is the pan (the actually bronzer or  blush) , and not all the other plastic that comes with it. Thus this palette was created as a way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in your make-up bag. 


How it works.

First off the palette is gorgeous! The outside is sleek and classy, something I feel like I could wear as a purse!



But thats not the cool part. Open it up and what will you find, a magnetic area that will hold all of your pans (lipgloss, eye-shadow, blush, bronzer etc) and even your magnetic make-up brushes. With this neat, clean area to hold all of your pans, you no longer need to buy the whole plastic mess that comes with your products. All you need to buy is the pan, which is sold in stores but rarely do we buy because theres no where to conveniently place them! Not anymore!



 Kiki is a makeup artists and so she knows first hand the struggle of having everything crammed in your bag which makes it hard to find what you need and it almost always ends up in your make up bag looking like an explosion of pink, purple and whatever colors you got in there. This palette keeps everything organized and prevents your things from breaking, thus leading to the explosion of colors. 


So quick recap of what this palette is. 


It's a convenient, eco-friendly, sustainable make-up palette made with your crazy hectic life in mind. It makes holding your make up in and orderly fashion, reduces the amount of waste you use and ultimately gets you out the door with that pretty face on a heck of a lot faster. 


Oh and theres a mirror on the inside so that you can easily take your make up to go! Man she thought of everything!


Next time your putting on your makeup notice how much waste you have with all the boxes and containers that hold everything and then go get yourself one of these palettes so that you don't have to put up with that s*** anymore!!! And from here on out start buying your makeup in the pan, its a way better way to do it, and less expensive as well! win win I would say. 


*your current make-up can easily be de-panned so that you can still finish up all of your products but enjoy the satisfaction of having a clean make-up bag :)


To purchase your palettes you can follow her on Youtube, where she post hilarious yet super informative make-up tutorials -

or go to her FB page - 


Do your part to keep this world a healthy place. Support companies that are making a difference. 


Love love





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