4 Healthy Habits to Live Your Best Life

September 27, 2018

Almost everything we do is habitual. From how we get up in the morning, brush our teeth and comb our hair to how we speak, interact with others and grocery shop. Habits can be useful as they allow us to live on auto pilot where we don't have to exert a lot of energy thinking about what we are going to do, we just do them because we are used to doing just that. 


What happens though when you into a bad habit? Bad habits can literally ruin your health, energy and vitality. I have found that the key to getting rid of these bad habits is to replace them with good ones. So instead of me wanting to change my morning routine and say "I'm not going to this, this and that" I say " I am going to do this, and this and that". This makes letting go of those old nasty habits way easier. 


Over the years I have come up with 4 healthy habits that have helped me life my best life, plus one bonus one as well, that I wanna share with you! Pick one and replace one of your old habits until this new one becomes your go-to!


 4 Healthy Habits


#1-Be Present- I used to think that I could multi-task pretty darn well but over the years I have noticed that when I try and multi task it not only takes me way longer than it would have to finish something but it's always a half-assed approach.  I have learned to be present with where I am at and what I am doing and stay focused on the task at hand. This means that my phone doesn't come near my desk when I work, I don't try and organize my house while cooking dinner,

I used to be queen at having a millions things on my To-Do list and at the end of the day never being able to cross something off which was highly frustrating. Now by focusing my time on just one thing I am able to cross that thing off and I feel so bad-ass when I do!

So where are you not being fully present? Where are you trying to do too many things at once that you end up not doing anything at all? Positive habit #1 is to limit your distractions and be present. 



#2- Charge my phone away from my bed- If my phone is charging in arms reach from my bed you better bet that I am scrolling until the wee hours of the night only to wake up in the morning and again begin to scroll. This would always leave me with a headache, lead to poor sleep and sometimes promote anxiety as I watched what everyone else in the world was doing and accomplishing in their lives and them feeling like I was 20 years behind every one. 

So I made the simple habit to plug my phone in across the room while I slept. That way my night time routine is better conducive for good sleep and I can end my days off being in a present calm state. 


#3- Drink Water- One of the best things that I have started to do is really be serious about my water drinking in the morning. I used to rarely if ever drink water in the morning and would continue to push my water intake further and further into the day only to find myself in bed at the end of the day looking back and realizing that I had only drunk 1 glass of water :( So I have a special mason jar that I use for my morning re-hydration routine and I make sure that I finish this jar before I get to the gym in the morning. I place this jar right by my bed so that its waiting for me right when I open up my eyes. This is a great visual cue and reminder for me to hydrate!


Things I have noticed when I am well hydrated- I have less cravings, stable blood sugar, less headaches, and better digestion. 


#4- Wake Up and Move- If I don't workout in the morning it just doesn't get done, plain and simple.  Once I get dressed for the day, do my hair and put on my make up I come home and don't feel like getting dirty and sweaty so I will always talk my self out of it. That is why I have moved my workout routines to the AM so that I can take a shower and then get dressed and ready for the rest of my day. This also made me more productive throughout the day as I would feel accomplished and not too sound too little kiddish but I just function better when all my wiggles are out. 

I know not everyone can workout in the morning due to schedules but even waking up 10 minutes before you do and taking a quick brisk walk or doing a couple jumping jacks and squats or a yoga routine can help get your blood pumping and energize you for the day!

With this habit I created another habit which is to get all my gym clothes, headphones and phone case ready so that I can quickly leave in the morning (after I finish my water of course!). It's also just a great reminder that working out is my first thing on my to-do list for that day. 


Bonus Tip?

#5- I ask myself why I am eating- When was the last time you asked yourself "Am I hungry?". We can get stuck into the habit of eating when we come home from work, right before bed or even in the morning right when we wake up simply out of habit without ever tuning in and noticing our hunger levels. I started asking myself this question and it's a real game changer. I found that so much of my eating was not due to hunger but habit instead. So now my new habit, ask before I eat!
















Alright now pick one of these to do and write it in the comments below then



Love love





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