Cauliflowa Powa

November 5, 2018

Whether your going grain free, tryin' add more veggies in your diet or simply just love cauliflower then give this recipe a go. 


Cauliflower rice is becoming such a big hit and for good reason cause this stuff can transform your regular old rice dishes into a healthy, yummy dish the whole fam loves.


Due to the subtle flavor of cauliflower you can spice it up anyway you like as it will been well with just about anything. For todays recipe I threw some curry powder on it to turn it a golden orange and give it a nice flavorful taste. 


Of course, I then added things like crispy tofu, cranberries and cashews to the mix to make this dish something you won't wanna miss. 


Here's the recipe and down below you can watch this video to see the cooking in action :)


Cauliflower rice:

 - 1 Head of Cauliflower

- 1 Cup Cabbage

-1 Onion

-5-7 Heads of Garlic

-1/2 Block From Tofu

-1/4 Cup Dried Cranberries

-1/4 Cup Raw Cashews

-4 TBS Curry Powder

- Soy Sauce (put on top at the end to taste)

- Cilantro and Chives (small handful of both)

Heres the video to watch how I made this delicious dish!





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