4 Reasons Why You Binge-how to fix the root cause

November 12, 2018

Chronic binging can take over your life and drown your soul. Its life sucking, energy depleting and mentally taxing. So why is is that we binge?


I share the 4 top reasons why people binge and what you need to re-arrange and work on inorder to make binge eating a thing of the past. 


#1-Restricting: If you not getting enough calories your body will scream for more and thus your "good" day of skipping breakfast and nibbling through lunch leads to a full blown binge on a whole loaf of bread and 3 chocolate bars. If you are running on a calorie deficit your binging can calm down if you simply add in more calories during the day. 


#2-Nutritional Deficiencies: you may be calorically eating enough but nutrient deficient which can lead to your brain telling your body to continue to eat because the body is lacking in the vital vitamins and minerals we need to maintain a string healthy body. 


#3-Emotions: its so easy to go to food to numb our emotions or eat our anxiety, stress, and loneliness. Releasing emotions before you step into the kitchen will help key binging at bay. 


#4-Triggers: Over the years we develop a lot of habits, some good and some bad. Some of these habits can be binging, something we do just because we are used to doing it. You may come home from work and go straight to the kitchen to binge because its your nightly routine and you don't really think about it. If you change that trigger though and instead go upstairs and take a shower, breaking the habit of come home and walk into the kitchen , then you can start breaking the habit. 


Want a specific resource to use to help you stop the binge, come meditate with me and use the power of visualization to eat in a happy healthy way. click here. 


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Therapeutic Nutrition Counselor

Certified Eating Psychology Coach

BS Public Health

RYT Yoga Instructor

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