Best Vegan Burger- Beet Burger

November 15, 2018


What's a girl gonna do when she goes plant based but still wants a good burger?


She turns to beets... oats...spices....herbs and a whole lotta other stuff:)


But seriously, this burger is worth the try and soon will become your favorite go-to :)




1 cup oats

1 cup shaved beets (2 medium size beets)

1/3 cup herbs (parsley, chives, cilantro, basil)

Spices/ salt +pepper

Water to texture ( add in small amount little by little)



1 cup soaked cashews

I lemon

2-4 TBS nutritional yeast 

1/3 cup coconut milk


 Add oats and shaved beets to the bowl or straight into the blender. Chop up your herbs and add them in along with your desired spices and S+P.  Add a splash of water and blend. Add water as needed to create a smooth yet chunky patty. 

 Form the mixture into small patties. 

Place on pan, medium heat, flip over when golden brown at the bottom. 


Now make the sauce. Blend all ingredients together until smooth. should be a good medium thick consistency. Not watery but not super thick. Think ranch dressing, maybe a little thicker. 

 I added the burgers to a salad but feel free to place the burger between some pita bread, burger buns or make a lettuce burger. Drizzle the sauce on top and enjoy!



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