No Fail Green Juice Recipe

November 21, 2018

 I know it's so unoriginal and typical dieticiany of me to say but I am going to say it anyways


" You should drink green juice"


Now before your like ahhh this again, curses!!!! Calm down, take a deep breathe and lets talk about this. 


Green juices are great because they are super hydrating and are filled with so much goodness. Goodness that your body can then go and use for growing long thick hair and strong bones, creating homeostasis in your organs, nourishing your blood, keeping your heart beating, your arteries clear and your mind sharp... you know all the fun stuff :) 


They are great because they do so without requiring a lot of digestive power, so they give your body a break and ease up on any digestive issues like feeling gassy, bloated, and uncomfortable after a meal. By juicing the veggies into liquid form you take away the first and sometimes missed part of digestion which is chewing your food into liquid form. Way too many of us chew improperly leading to large particles of food that sit in the stomach and create havoc because there isn't enough stomach acid and enzymes to break it down. The juice on the other hand goes down with ease and all those nutrients get absorbed into your body quickly without getting stuck in the digestive process, putrefying like most of our food.... what...its true. 


Its also a great thing to take on the run if you don't have time to sit down and eat which makes it a convenient meal. 


Alright, alright, enough talking, now that we have quickly established that you should drink green juice in the mornin' I'm gonna give your my no fail green juice recipe, because lets be honest nothings worse then making green juice that taste like dirt🤣


Here are the ingredients: 


- Kale, Spinach, or Chard

- Parsley

- Apple

-BIOHM Super Greens*



The amounts of each one will always vary. I like did 1/2 of this large fennel, a large bunch of parley, 2 apples and a large head of kale. This filled up a tall glass and so I called it a day. 


The fennel is great for digestion, helps relieve gas or bloating and the parsley reduces inflammation in the body. 


I added in some super green because theres honestly no better time then in a green juice to add in some extra superfood powder. The brand that I use is BIOHM and it honestly makes this drink taste so sweet and good without it having any sugar in it! The ingredients are super pure which I love and it does not hurt my stomach because this is not a protein powder, it simply is a mixture if spirulina, barley grass, ashwagandha, reishi, licorice, nettle, goji berry and a whole lot of other good stuff like probiotics and digestive enzymes 👍🏼👌🏼


I am super happy with this brand as it enhances the flavor of my drink, not worsen it... so I stick with it :)



 What's your favorite green juice recipe?


Comment down below so that we can all try it!


Love Love




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