Is That Strawberry Killing You?

December 30, 2018

It may look like a harmless strawberry but is it really just that?


If you are buying conventional strawberries you are getting a lot more than vitamin C, iron, copper and manganese, you are also getting a whole slew of chemicals. 


The Pesticide Action Network Analysis of pesticide residues found 54 different pesticide residues among strawberry samples. Of these 9 are known or probable carcinogens, 24 suspected hormone disruptors, 11 neurotoxins, and 12 developmental/ reproductive toxins.


In 2014, strawberries ranked No. 2 for their pesticide content according to the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit research organization that publishes an annual list of the “dirtiest” produce with the most pesticide residue.


You may be eating a good diet filled with fresh fruits and veggies but many people opt for the conventional produce because it is cheaper and more readily available. 


"They may think that they are improving their health but in reality they are destroying it"


The chemicals found on their conventional produce outweighs any benefit that that fruit or vegetable could give you. It may seem like a harmless strawberry but that strawberry you are eating could be the reason for your infertility, heavy periods, cancer, and brain fog. 



After World War 1 the US had a surplus of teargas that was soon found to be a great fumigant for crops to kill insects. So they started spraying this chemical on strawberries so that the crops would have a better yield. These chemicals end up in the air affecting the nearby residents which have been shown to suffer from respiratory ailments, skin irritations, birth defects and cancer. 


If you are wanting to better your health and protect your self from harm then pay the extra dollar for organic. If not you will pay in time, energy and hospital bills. 





-Buy only organic produce and products 

-Grow your own!- a home garden is a great way to reduce costs of organic food. 

- Bur food from farmers markets (make sure you ask the farm if they are organic, many are not even though they are at the markets!

-Start educating yourself on the food industry and all the other chemicals and harmful ingredients are being added to your food. 


Share this with someone who loves strawberries and should know about the harmful affects of buying conventional are!!


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