The Invisible Toxin Lurking in Your Food

March 5, 2019

There’s an invisible toxin lurching in our food supply and unfortunately it’s not something you can wash off or cook out. This toxin has been getting more and more press lately as the truth behind the harm it does to our bodies is being released to the public.



The toxin is Glyphosate-- it is the active ingredient found in Roundup and the most common herbicide used in our food supply. Glyphosate is used on GMO crops (also called  “Roundup Ready” crops) where the seeds are genetically modified to withstand the harmful effects of Glyphosate yet kill the surrounding weeds and foliage. The use of Glyphosate is banned for organic crops but non GMO crops are being sprayed with glyphosate as a dessicant, meaning it kills the crop so that its dry enough to be harvested.


Over 5 billion pounds of Glyphosate is sprayed each year on our food so it’s hard to get away from. This toxin has made its way into our water supply, fills our air, and even can be found in our own lawns. Devastatingly, residual levels of Glyphosate has even been found in organically grown crops since it’s so abundant in our ecosystem.


Farmers were told by Monsanto that Roundup is harmless to humans and only affect the  shikimate pathway found in plants. What they failed to acknowledge is that although the shikimate pathway may be absent in our human cells, our gut bacteria does have this pathway. Therefore, Roundup affects our gut bacteria which in turn has consequences for our entire body; increasing gut permeability resulting in increased levels of inflammation.


Research done by Samsel and Seneff has found that Glyphosate “enhance(s) the damaging effects of other food-borne chemical residues and toxins that disrupt the normal body functions and induce disease”. Even small exposure overtime manifests as cellular damage which affects our bodies systems.


As we can see, Glyphosate isn’t as “safe” as we’re told it is.


In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified Glyphosate as a “probable carcinogen” and the state of California recently stated that it does indeed cause cancer. As the use of Glyphosate has risen through the years, so has the rise of potentially correlated diseases and conditions. This toxin disrupts your gut causing the villi to weaken and the tight junctions to loosen. This is a condition commonly known as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. Studies have linked Leaky Gut Syndrome to various autoimmune conditions, allergies, inflammation, and neurological diseases. Health begins in the gut. If your gut becomes compromised, so will your health.


The effects of Glyphosate on the Endocrine System (the system that regulates hormones) can lead to a myriad of reproductive issues. These issues may include infertility, birth defects, miscarriage, growth abnormalities, autism, and neurological disorders. If the microbiome of the mother is disrupted, the child's may be too. As the use of Glyphosate increases, similarly, we’ve become aware of a rising epidemic of unhealthy children plagued with eczema, asthma, gut issues, constipation, chronic abdominal pain, mood disorders and sleep disorders.




Despite the research proving how harmful Glyphosate, it continues to be sprayed in large amounts all over our food supply. The EPA has even increased the amount of Glyphosate residues that is allowed.


The question is: What can you do to protect yourself from this pervasive chemical? First, you should make the switch to eat all organic. This small change will dramatically lower the levels of Glyphosate ingested. Unfortunately, due to regional availability, deceptive suppliers, and financial reasons, not everyone has the ability to make the switch. Even if we did all go organic though the issue still exists that Glyphosate has already bio-accumulated in our bodies and must be dealt with.


If we can’t avoid it, which is hard to do since it has permeated throughout our food and environment, the solution is to remove it. Good news!: there’s a way to do that safely and effectively!


Biomedic is a supplement created by Dave Sandoval that detoxes Glyphosate from the body. The Detox Project validates this supplement’s effectiveness. In fact, in the human double-blind clinical trial, the users of Biomedic had a 74% reduction of Glyphosate levels and a 75% reduction of C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation). Biomedic not only chelates Glyphosate out of the body but also heals the gut lining by strengthening the gut villi thus prevent food and toxins from seeping out of the gut and entering the body.

Protect you, family, friends, and your children from the harmful effects of Glyphosate. Make the switch to purchase as organic as possible and take action by detoxing the Glyphosate that has already set up camp in your body. You can order Biomedic today with this $50 gift card!


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