5 Things to Look Our For When Hiring a Health Coach

April 8, 2019


There is so much noise out there in the health world that  make it quite difficult to know who to trust, especially if you are not a healthy junkie that studies this stuff all day. It seems like in this day and age everyone and  anyone and their mom is becoming a health coach, giving advice to people on how they should eat.



Now I think this is great of course as health coaches really have the ability to help transform people's lives BUT with that said not all health coaches are created equal. So I put together a little checklist of the 5 things  you should watch out for when it comes to hiring a health coach. If the health coach does/ promotes these things then I would look into finding someone else to give you health advice.


Alright, ready to get started!?

#1) Is a Promoter of All Diets-->


Now while this health coach sounds like such a lovely, warming, welcoming person this is not who I would want to hire as my coach. What this really is saying to me is that this person hasn't done any research into what dietary choices are going to reduce my risk for heart disease... the #1 killer in America? Nor have they looked into the science and long term studies regarding the optimal diet for longevity. Nor have they come to any conclusion after doing all that studying on what the heck is the best thing for me to be eating!!! 


Point blank if a health coach is promoting any diet that YOU want to follow then they are trying to just get you as their client and don't necessarily have your long term health in mind. It is their JOB to do the research, study and read the literature to determine what the optimal way to eat for health + longevity is and educate/empower you to make the best decisions you can for your health. A health coach isn't your girl friend you bring shopping for prom dresses to tell you that you look good in every dress you try on... a health coach is someone who will be blunt and straight up tell you when that dress, or that diet, just ain't the best for ya. 


Now this may not be exactly what you want to hear, you may want to stick to your current dietary philosophy but if that dietary philosophy has zero proof to reduce your risk for chronic disease and its main component has been shown to INCREASE risk for disease then your health coach, the person you are paying to know their stuff, should not let you as their client continue to eat that diet.


So find someone who is educated enough to site you a couple studies to prove to you why they advocate for a specific way of eating that will not only be beneficial  for your short term goals (usually weight loss) but your long term goals ( living to see your grandchildren).


Not saying they need to be strict, harsh and rigid and only allow you to put x,y and z in your mouth but it's not the best of signs when they are  promoting keto, paleo, raw vegan, whole 30, vegetarian and all of the above. If you see a coach like this then you have to wonder how much science + research they have done in their training. 


#2- Doesn't talk about the Psychological, Mental, Emotional Aspect of Health-->


Oh if being healthy was merely a “ eat broccoli sprouts and never get cancer” approach....We humans though are way more complicated than that. We have thoughts, feelings + emotions that play a big role in our health.


Harboring negative thoughts, self limiting beliefs, or pessimistic thinking can literally create disease in the body. A thought pattern of “ I don't deserve health” can sabotage any external healthy habits that you try and incorporate because  we are what we think, feel and say. Your thoughts, stresses and mindset have a huge impact on digestion and assimilation so if a coach does not teach you not only WHAT to eat but HOW-- aka slow down, chew your food, eat in the parasympathetic nervous system state-- then their health advice or diet plan can be completely useless. After all we all know that we should be eating more vegetables and fruit... the real thing we need help on is our negative attachment with food and our inability to follow through with what we know we should be doing. 


So if your health coach doesn't address theses things then you can very well end up in the same exact spot that you were in the beginning of coaching. Find a coach that understands the complexity of the human being and that will take a very holistic mind- body-soul approach to helping you optimize your health and reach your potential.


#3-Gives you a Meal Plan--> 


because those things have good proven track record… ya not really. A health coach that gives out meal plans is doing nothing to empower you and give you the tools you need to be a healthy human being.


Handing someone a meal plan doesn't teach them how to listen to their bodies innate wisdom which means that this method of “healthy living” is doomed from the get go. Again you are a complex human being-- Your bodies needs and desires change frequently, moment to moment. So if you're following a strict meal plan then you are not able to respond to the fluctuations that your bodies have.


Meaning, your body may be signaling to you that it really needs some carbs to fight off this virus that just entered your system but your meal plan says that you must eat all protein and zero carbs for dinner so you listen to that instead and your body does not end up getting what it needs to help fight off the virus and so you end up getting sicker and sicker and you don't have the right tools to fight off the illness. 


Meal plans are also a sure way to make sure that you go back to your same routines after your done working with the coach. Cause let's be honest, we all know what's going to happen the second that meal plan isn't provided, you are going to have no idea what to eat, no idea how to listen to your body nor eat intuitively, so you are going to go crazy around food and revert to old patterns of behavior.


Meal plans are temporary, changing your relationship with food and learning to eat intuitively and becoming educated on what food choices are best is TRANSFORMATIONAL.


#4-Does Not Educate You on the Importance of Going Organic--> 


Again we need someone who is going to be EDUCATED and tell us how we can avoid being  apart of the 1 in 3 who have cancer or one of the 50 million Americans who have an autoimmune disease.


If they're not educating you on how detrimental pesticides are to your health then don't hire them as a coach. Eating organic is CRITICAL for optimal health. The pesticides and toxins sprayed on conventional food will destroy your gut microbiome, disrupt your endocrine systems and neurologically affect you. Going all organic non GMO is of  KEY importance if you want to heal your body, lose weight, balance hormones, clear skin and reduce your risk for chronic disease.


A health coach must understand that a conventional tomato though it sounds like a good healthy option is actually POISON beauce of all the toxins on it. If they are not promoting organic in this day and age where there are so many diseases associated and correlated to exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and toxic household products then they are not giving you all the information you need to THRIVE in this modern world thus you should not hire them as a coach. 


#5- Tells you to Microwave Food-->



Now this may seem like a funny one to end with but I'm serious you guys, I can't tell you how many “wellness professionals” I have seen out there on social media who show themselves microwaving their food in their videos or telling their clients that a" quick and easy" morning trick is to cook your eggs and hash browns in the microwave🤣.


I literally am so furious when I see this!!


 Again the health professional that you are seeking advice from should do some research of the negative effects of putting your food in a small box that radiates your food, zaps the nutritional value of the food making it dead, and quickly changes the molecular structure of the food-- aka making it interact with our body in an unnatural way.


Oh and you would hope that the coach you are paying has a little common sense-- its a box that sends out radiation into your food... do we really need to even dive into the science behind this??


So there you have it, the 5 things to look our for when looking to hire a health coach. 

 I hope this was helpful🌼






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