What is the PERFECT Diet!? (aren't you just a tad bit curious to know 🙃)

April 14, 2019

Hi all, 

I get this question so much from people, " what is the perfect diet?"


Now being the perfectionistic person that I am I was once too in search for this answer my self. I wanted to make sure that I was eating the PERFECT foods to give me the PERFECT body to give me the PERFECT  love life to give me the PERFECT health so that I could live for eternity. 


This quest for the perfect diet took me 14 years so you can thank me later for doing all this hard work digging into Chinese health books, Ayurvedic medicine, macrobiotic diets, raw vegan lifestyles and so so so much more to finally find the answer to this question that so many of us are seeking the answer to. 


Now are you ready!?? I can't wait to tell you, knowing this is gonna be life changing, so here ya go


"Chlo, what is the PERFECT diet!?"






Wow, ball drop💥


Yup that's right if you have been searching for the "Perfect" diet you are chasing after a very illusive non existent thing... aka you are going to be searching for a while my friend.


See every one of us has a unique body. We digest foods differently, we hold onto certain emotions from our various life circumstances, we think differently and honestly I don't know what else to say but WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Hence, no one diet is going to fit us all perfectly the same.


Some people digest avocados super super well, others it's too much fat for them.

Some people thrive on bananas, others feel super bloated after eating them.

Some people feel energized from eating breakfast... others hate breakfast cause it makes them feel sluggish. 


So when it comes to the perfect diet it comes down to



Now yes there are nuggets of nutritional wisdom that we can take from scientific research of course. We know that eating fresh food is great and will provide your body with a bunch of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to keep your hormones balanced and reduce inflammation. We know that a diet high in  processed industrialized food and foods high in processed sugar, do not give the body optimal nutrition to thrive. I'm a nutrition junkie so yes I full on believe that this is all good stuff to take into account but in the end of the day you must find a way of eating that-->


1) Keeps you mentally sane

2) Promotes good healthy digestion

3) Works for your schedule

4) Allows you to commune with others

5) Makes you feel nourished

6) And keeps your body functioning properly



If a diet that someone else tells you to do makes you feel hungry + deprived, isolates you from your friends and family, is complicated and hard to do, and dosen't sit well in your stomach then NEWS FLASH-- that diet isn't for you! It may be the healthier thing out there but if you grudgingly swallow celery juice every morning then babe try something else--> there are other ways of detoxing your body and feeling healthy that don't involve celery juice. 


It's time we stop looking outwardly for the "perfect" diet and we take our power back and start listening to our own internal guidance. You know best, more so than anyone else what your body likes, so stop second guessing yourself and not listening, like truly listening.


Cause when you do you can then ask yourself, "Is my highest truest self craving those French fries and late night chips or is that just habit and addiction speaking??? "

Your true self wants to be in balance, thats a biological desire your body has and it will guide you towards that path, so you can trust your truest self. 


And dang gurl can I just say, it's time we bring some LIGHTNESS to this topic of nutrition-- we don't have to be as rigid and strict that we have been told we have to be  in order to be healthy.




Yes, good food does promote health and is good for us... but HEALTH, feeling VIVACIOUS, ALIVE and STRONG  in your body, is so much more than what you put in your body, health is an energetic feeling, so what ever puts you in that state is what's good for you.  


We can place so much focus on diet to CURE us of all of our ailments but thats a false illusion, one that I myself  held onto for YEARS until I came to the realization that my daily dose of  broccoli sprouts wasen't making me a full healthy person.


I wasn't stepping into full optimum health when I  was saying no to adventures, traveling, activities and dinners with other people. Those broccoli sprouts weren't making me healthy when I would eat dinner alone and not go out with friends just so I could make sure I got the "perfect nutrition" for that day. Those broccoli sprouts couldn't replace the feeling of deep nourishment and comfort that I would feel when hopping in my mommas bed and eating some good dark chocolate. 



See we are energetic beings and so  disease starts to occur when theres stagnation in the body, mind and spirit. Health flourishes though when we are open, free, and flowing. Hence why my tag line is "LIVE LIFE UNSTUCK" becuase really what makes us unhealthy is all the things that make us "stuck". 


So yes, optimize your diet. Eat fresh foods that promote good digestion, enhance energy and light you up... AND stop putting so much damn pressure on it all and learn to find the energetic health that can come from indulging, from eating a favorite childhood food, from eating an Acai bowl for breakfast  instead of making yourself eat avocado toast because it provides X amount of healthy fat, or choosing to not eat a  salad for lunch and diving into a bowl of sweet sweet potatoes with a good cashew dressing just because your body freaking wants that... because if you don't listen to that you are energetically blocking yourself from health no matter how organic you are eating. 




So there you go my friends I gave you your answer. Health is about:


1) Eating good wholesome fresh food that is filled with micronutrients


AND... an important and...


2)Listening to the individual needs of your body and what it feels like and not getting so caught on the idea that diet will cure all. Its an important factor yes, but one factor in the whole scheme of things. 


Now what are you going to do to find out what works best for you?


Are you going to continue to mindlessly eat, not paying attention to how food is making you feel and then try a restrictive diet to just loose those 5 lbs quickly OR are you going to do the deep working, start listening, experimenting and focusing on feeling good in each moment and empowering your food choices to be one that promotes increased energy in your body?


If  you crave that direction, guidance and support on this journey I am 100% here for ya and would LOVE to help. I can give you the tools you need to figure out what works best for you to both nutritionally nourish your body but also soulfully, emotionally, and energetically!


Alright that was a long one... thanks for hanging in there. If you have questions or would like to have a conversation about this comment down below and I'd be happy to have a little chit chat. 




Luv Luv my fellow human creatures 🙃













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