Here's A Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Digestive Flow ( for those with constipation)

April 23, 2019

Alright, you guys know that FLOW is my favorite thing to talk about and I cannot think of anything that needs to FLOW more than your digestive tract.


When our digestive tract is out of FLOW... aka is STUCK... aka your CONSTIPATED... (if you haven't caught my drift yet 🙃)  It can be one of the biggest detriments to your health and wellbeing. 


Being chronically constipated is not only uncomfortable but it can lead to colorectal cancer, accumulated toxins in the body, a stagnant lymphatic system, and yes a pissed off person with something stuck up their a**... it's true and you know it. 


I find that most people tend toward the constipated end of the spectrum so if that is you then you are in the right spot. Here are my 5 tips to Freeing your Flow✨



1) Drink Water- Wait, what sorry you didn't hear me?? Let me say that again... DRINK WATER! If you are constipated it's because your stools have hardened due to a lack of hydration. Drink your water to help loosen the stools, push things through and keep your colon hydrated. 


I underestimated how much water I needed until I did the Purium 40 day cleanse, where I really learned to HYDRATE my body in large amounts to keep everything moving smoothly. Now for many drinking water is uncomfortable and we don't like it... this can be because you are eating too much food which takes up valuable space that you need for water. So next time you reach towards that snack ask your self,  "Am I REALLY hungry?? Or just thirsty?"


2) Eat more fruit- fruit is hydrating and easily digestible which helps things get moving. Pineapple, in particular, is such a great fruit to eat when you are constipated as it not only has a large water content but it also has bromelain in it which is an enzyme that helps with digestion. 


I love mono mealing (watch my video here here on what a mono meal is) because it is super easy for my digestive system to digest and can help me reset and well.... release the hose


3) Green Juice- Of course, this one was going to get on the list. Where would I be without my green juice! Green juice provides your body with a lot of nutrition BUT it doesn't require a lot of digestion. One of the worst things we can do when we are constipated is to eat heavy, dense foods that are going to strain our digestion more and backlog us even more. If you are constipated I really recommend spending a day or two primarily drinking green juice to help flush things through until you feel regular again. 

Click Here to purchase my FAVORITE green juice powder. I just mix two scoops in water and voila, green juice on the run... and for under $2!



4) Prune Juice- ahhh the miracles of prunes. I ate a whole bag of prunes once not knowing that they are a gentle laxative and well.... let's say they aren't so gently when you eat the whole bag🤣 



Not to worry though, eating just a couple prunes (no more than 4 or 5) is a gentle and effective way to get your bowels moving. Prunes increase the peristaltic movement in your intestines and get things pushed out of there. 


Best Method for Using Prunes- soak 4-5 prunes in a mason jar of water overnight on the counter. In the morning gently heat up the water and drink. Place the soaked prunes in a Tupperware in the fridge and eat those the next day. (just avoid drinking the juice and eating the prunes the same day... it might be a little too intense for ya)


5) Doing a cleanse- if you are chronically backed up it might be time for you to do a whole reset. Your digestion is one of the most important things to master so do not take your constipation, bloating, or gassiness lightly. 


I love the Purium 40 day cleanse! This cleanse is  what I put most of my clients through as it really provides you with all the things you need to get back on pun intended 🙃


This cleanse is designed to heal the gut lining, hydrate your colon, saturate your cells with nourishment and get you off the bad food that caused your constipation in the first place! It's defienlty something I would highly recommend to anyone who deals with digestive issues. 


To learn more about the cleanse click here


All right now go out and DO these things cause reading this blog will do nothing to help you Free your Flow.


Luv Luv






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