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Release Stagnant Energy + Increase Your Vibration

Ever feel like you have a ball of anger in your stomach, irritation running through your veins, anxiety shaking in your muscles?

Energy and emotions can get blocked in our body creating unwanted feelings that persist for way longer than we would like. This stagnant energy can start to create blockages which hinders our flow and results in dis-ease.

What we need then is to have a quick and efficient way to release these energy blocks AND at the same time elevate our energy, release feel good hormones and increase our vibrational frequency.

Well.... boy do I have the answer for you.

Watch this short little video on one of my favorite breathing techniques that I use quite frequently to release stagnation and step into my flow!

Hope this helps!


 Hey Babe, 

wish I had a "big sister" during my ED Recovery-- Some one who has had many of the same thoughts, feelings,+ fears as I, Someone would would support me in what I needed to do next to achieve full recovery. 

Recovery is HARD + there are so many aspects of it that I was not prepared for which is why I now coach women through this process. If you are struggling then reach out, I'm here to help :)


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