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The Good + Bad of Wellness Culture

What's one of the CRAZIEST things you used to think about in regards to health + nutrition that you look at novas being WAY wrong?

This was the first question that I asked Sierra Wright, Registered Holistic Nutritional Practitioner in our conversation on how the HEALTH + WELLNESS industry can be one of the BIGGEST promoters of disordered eating.

Sierra shared a bit about her story of getting down to a very unhealthy weight, suffering from a mired of digestive issues and having Doctors + Naturopaths tells her that the answer was to restrict more foods... the opposite of what someone with an eating disorder needs to do. We mentioned how eating a variety of foods and eating MORE can heal your digestion.

This conversation was full of goodies so I hope you enjoy!

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 Hey Babe, 

wish I had a "big sister" during my ED Recovery-- Some one who has had many of the same thoughts, feelings,+ fears as I, Someone would would support me in what I needed to do next to achieve full recovery. 

Recovery is HARD + there are so many aspects of it that I was not prepared for which is why I now coach women through this process. If you are struggling then reach out, I'm here to help :)


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